The Coloring Book

Regardless of our age, coloring has been proven to be a favored pass time among many. This beatifically crafted coloring book will is bound to be a favorite for anyone wishing to whisk themselves into a world of fantasy. Follow a mouse and their best friend the hedgehog as they set out on their adventure with Eugene the dragon.

About the Book

My very first book, the idea came to me as I found my eldest coloring in one of my doodles. Each page was first drawn out by hand and then imported into illustrator to create nice clean lines. It is then single sided so that each page can be enjoyed without worrying about the media being used bleeding through the paper.

The mouse and hedgehog going out on an adventure in their sail boat: The Walnut. A dolphin swims at its side. At the bottom of the ocean is an octopus guarding her treasure. As small fish swim by along the plants and algae.

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