Building Accessible Forms

Martine Dowden and Alyssa Nicole chatting about accessibility during a live stream. HTML and CSS for a form as well as the output is also being shown.

Although part of most applications (because let’s not kid ourselves the vast majority of applications are CRUD apps) a well designed accessible form is still one of those things that is really hard to achieve. There are so many factors to remember: labels, keyboard accessibility, validation, content organization, etc… Although as developers we create them often, it is easy to overlook or forget a piece.

In this session we will cover

  • Making sure our fields are appropriately labeled
  • Handling check marks and radio buttons
  • The value of hints to guide our users
  • Keyboard accessibility
  • Validation
  • Some testing options

Previously given at

  • We ❤️ A11y (2022)

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