Accessibility Cookbook
10 Easy Recipes

If you ever use the elevator, subtitles to watch that cat video during a boring meeting, or tabbed through a form, you have used an accessibility feature. As a community we understand that accessibility is necessary but when it comes to implementation, we often fall short. In this talk you will learn:

  • Why accessibility is important
  • 10 common accessibility fails
  • How to test for them
  • Solutions anyone can implement

Previously given at

  • CONDG (2021)
  • CodeStock (2019)
  • Cincy Deliver (2018)
  • KCDC (2018)
  • Stir Trek (2018)
  • Cinnug (2018)
  • Code PaLOUsa (2018)
  • CodeMash (2018)
  • Dev Up (2017)

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