Martine Dowden
CTO, UX / UI Designer & Developer, International Speaker

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About Me

Focusing on web interfaces that are beautiful, functional, accessible, and usable, I approach User Experience from both Art and Science, drawing from my degrees in Psychology and Visual Communications. I have worked as an artist, educator, and consultant since 2005. I stay active in the industry by writing articles, leading workshops, and attending and speaking at conferences and meetups worldwide. In 2015 I published a children's book, Programming Languages ABC++, and in 2016 the Workbook Edition sold over 20,000 copies. I then went on to write Approachable Accessibility: Planning for Success which was released in June 2019 and Architecting CSS: The Programmer’s Guide to Effective Stylesheets in 2020.

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User Experience

  • Accessibility
  • Information Architecture
  • Research
  • Technical Writing
  • Statistics
  • Usability
  • Visual Communication
  • WCAG


  • Assets
  • Brand management
  • Icons
  • Interactions
  • Mockups
  • Prototypes
  • Typography
  • Wireframes


  • Angular / React / Vue
  • CSS / Sass / Less
  • Git
  • JavaScript & TypeScript
  • Node & Express
  • Ruby
  • XSLT / XPath


Parking Lot Enforcement System

Nov 20, 2019 us 62938036 Status: Pending

Parking Lot Check In System

Nov 24, 2018 us US16/695,176 Status: Pending Read more about Parking Lot Check In System



Google Developer Expert

Since Dec 2018 Web Technologies

Microsoft MVP

2019 - 2021 Developer Technologies
Powderkeg National tech culture awards 2020

2020 National Tech Culture Award Winner

2020 Andromeda wins a 2020 Remote Work Culture Award
Mira Nominee

2020 Mira Award Nominee

2020 FlexePark Nominated for Mira Award Best in Tech
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Hackies Awards

Dec 2019 Mentor of the Year

2019 Parking Awards Finalist

2019 FlexePark is selected as a finalist for Parking Today Awards

2019 AccesliCITY Finalist

2019 FlexePark is selected as a finalist for the 2019 Leading Cities AcceliCITY program
Mira Award

2019 Mira Award Nominee

2019 FlexePark Nominated for Mira Award Best in Tech